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60% of donors are now giving online, including 36% of donors aged 65 and over. Over $28 billion was donated online in 2012. The message is loud and clear: Online is the future of giving.

Donors, particularly the younger generation, are increasingly using the internet and social media to connect to causes, and to perform their philanthropy. But that doesn't mean donors will naturally gravitate towards you: the philanthropic marketplace is democratized as never before. Donors of all ages have a range of choice never before seen in the history of philanthropy. Are you positioned to attract online donors better than your "competition"?

To retain your donor base and more importantly to continue expanding it into the future, it is imperative that you make full use of the internet and social media as tools for connecting, engaging, and fundraising. IsraelGives would like to help you. Not only do we have years of experience in developing the online fundraising operations of major institutions, but we built the infrastructure for online giving of an entire country - Israel. Our services include strategic and operational planning, online community development, social media planning and management, website building and management, online fundraising and crowdfunding, and more.

We would be happy to perform an organizational assessment and strategic plan for your organization. Among the topics that we'll cover in your organizational plan are:

  • Analyzing your current donor base and assessing its online potential, looking at its demographics and breaking it down into categories and communities.
  • Assessing the motives of your donors, including organizational vs. cause allegiance, personal relationships, personal experiences, and community membership.
  • Analyzing how you currently recruit new donors.
  • Developing a strategy for using email optimally to communicate with your donors: Goals of the mailing, content, staff resources, categorization of recipients, frequency and timing, strategies of expanding your mailing list, email annual reports, and end-of-year receipting.
  • How to maximize your website for achieving your online fundraising goals, while accounting for: central messaging, target donor populations, technological capacity, budget and timing, and internal politics.
  • Strategies and technology for increasing your recurring monthly donors.
  • Optimal online donation forms and technology, including integrating a tribute/memorial donation system, and peer-to-peer fundraising system.
  • How to acknowledge donors through the website: donor mini-sites and online social-viral recognition.
  • Ideal use of video in the website and in e-communications.
  • Using analytics to establish performance.
  • Integrating CRM and email marketing systems into donor communications and campaigns.
  • How to properly use and integrate social media into your online operations, including messaging and engagement strategies for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, location-based services and websites, and mobile applications.
  • Ideas for online fundraising and engagement campaigns - to raise money, collect new email addresses and donor names, collect new Facebook friends or Twitter followers, and promote awareness about the cause and organization.
  • Use of online advertising and promotion - particularly Google Adwords and Grants, and Facebook Advertising.
  • Schedule and timeline for implementation, required resources, both financial and human, and expected return on investment (ROI).

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