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A professional, great-looking online donation form will increase your online fundraising. IsraelGives can help you to collect more online donations, in the US and around the world. Let us give you the tools you need to get people giving.

Starting at only $59 a month, you'll receive a secure donation form that looks and feels just like your own website, with: Honoree e-card to donate in memory or in honor of someone, e-receipts sent directly to your donor in your organization's name, while donors will be able to pay by PayPal or Credit Card and Starting at only $59 a month, you'll receive a secure donation form that looks and feels just like your own website, with: Honoree e-card to donate in memory or in honor of someone, e-receipts sent directly to your donor in your organization's name, while donors will be able to pay by PayPal or Credit Card and make one-time or recurring monthly and yearly donations. And you'll get full, personalized service from our staff.
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  • starter

  • $59

    per month

    • Secure donation page with your branding

    • Social sharing features

    • Online donation management

    • Recurring monthly, yearly donating

    • e-receipting and honoree e-card

  • international

  • $99

    per month

    All of the features in starter, plus

    • up to 17 international currencies

    • Up to 6 languages

    • UK tax-deductibility

    • Facebook donation form

    • Create unlimited donation pages
  • pro

  • $199

    per month

    All of the features in starter and international, plus

    • Matching gift i-frame ($599 value)

    • Save my donation service ($59/month value)

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  • Set-up fee
  • Transaction fee
  • Donation form branded to your website
  • Honoree/Memorial e-card
  • Custom e-receipts to donors
  • Donors can pay by PayPal or Credit Card
  • Recurring monthly or yearly donations
  • Facebook donation form
  • Extra currencies and languages
  • Matching Gift i-frame
  • Create unlimited donation pages
  • Online donation management account
  • Real-time campaign tracking
  • Save my donation service
  • starter

  • $59

    per month

  • $299
  • 1.9%
  • Intermediate

  • $99

    per month

  • $299
  • 1.9%

Donation System Features

Form Creation Wizard Create your Donation Form and email templates yourself in a few minutes, using our user-friendly wizard. If you cannot create the form yourself, or have a special request, our staff can create forms for you with any special features you might need.
Branded Donation Forms To give your donors the confidence and assurance that they are donating safely to your organization, you can build your donation form to look and feel just like your website. You control the content, the header, the background images, and more.
E-card (Honoree Donation) When donors choose to donate in memory or in honor of someone, the Donation System will create a fully-branded e-card and email it to the recipient of their choice. If they want the card sent by postal mail, the Donation System will create  a card and email it you, so that you can put it on your organization's letterhead and mail it out.
e-Receipt The Donation System automatically sends out an email confirmation in your organization's name that also serves as a fully 501c3 recognized tax-receipt. . Copies of the confirmation can be sent by 'bcc' to as many people in your organization as you like, so that everyone gets an instant notification of every new donation.
Donation Allocation Allow donors to allocate their donations to specific projects, or ask them simple questions like "How did you hear about us?"

Payment Methods

Methods Donors can donate either by credit card or by PayPal.
Recurring Monthly (and Yearly) Donations In addition to one-time donations, donors can make recurring monthly donations and yearly donations.
Purchases and Sales The system also enables your organization to collect funds for ticket sales, product sales, and more. Purchasers can also add a donation to their ticket purchase, maximizing your event fundraising!
Cost: We create these special forms for you on order, for $99.
Membership Fees Collect monthly or yearly membership fees. Members can also add a donation to their membership fee.
Cost: We create these special forms for you on order, for $99.


BrowsersThe IsraelGives Donation Form works in all major browsers.
MobileThe IsraelGives Donation Form is optimized for mobile browser viewing, and both credit card and PayPal payments work fluidly from iPhone, Android, and other mobile devices.
FacebookIsraelGives offers a special Donation Form to collect donations from your Facebook Page. We'll also help you to install the Form as a special tab in your Page.

Payment Gateways

PayPal Payments Pro Our system can connect to PayPal Payments Pro, a "behind the scenes" payment gateway plus merchant account costing $30 per month, and 2.2% (plus 30 cents) per transaction. We like this system because funds are instantly available to you and are deposited in your online PayPal account, instead of building deposited in batches daily into your bank account.
CyberSource Our system has an intergration into CyberSource. The monthly gateway fee is $35, and we can instantly connect to merchant accounts at the following banks: Bank of America, FDC Compass, FDC Nashville Global, FDMS Nashville, FDC South, Global Payments, Inc., Litle, Moneris, Paymentech, TSYS, Wells Fargo, Worldpay.
Moneris For


Online Receipting Avoid the expensive and time-consuming process of printing receipts, buying stamps and envelopes, and mailing receipts by post. We help you to prepare a template for your e-receipt, and it will be automatically sent to your donors by email. We can also prepare different receipts for different projects or events. A copy of the receipt is stored in case you or your donors need to re-print the receipt come tax-time.

For International Fundraising

Languages We offer donation forms (and email confirmations) in English, French, Hebrew, Spanish, and Arabic. We can also offer additional languages for a $199 one-time fee.
Currencies Donors can give in up to 17 different currencies, and are always charged in their original currency (not converted). So if a Canadian donates $100 CAD, that's what he'll see on his credit card statement.
UK tax-deductibility IsraelGives enables you to offer your donors from the UK fully tax-deductible donating, by partnering you with UK Toremet, a British charity supporting international charities. When a donor enters into your donation form and makes a donation in Pound Sterling, he instantly receives a fully tax-deductible receipt for the full amount of his donation.
Cost: One-time $199 set-up fee, plus an additional 1.5% transaction fee.
Connect to your own International Partners If you have your own international "Friends of" organization, we can connect the Donation System to a local merchant bank and pass the donation directly to your own partner organization's local bank account, in 190 different countries. The Donation System will also send a tax-receipt in the name of your partner organization.
Cost: One-time $199 set-up fee, plus an additional 1.5% transaction fee.


Online Account Both you and your donor receive an online account that you can use to track your donations, reprint your receipts, and manage your recurring donation orders.
Branded Donation Management Portal You will receive a branded portal at the domain of your choosing, where your donors can enter into to view their donation history, manage their recurring donations, and re-print their receipts. Donors can log-in via Facebook, or using the email address that they donated through. For an example, click here.
Connectivity to CRM Systems The IsraelGives Donation Forms have an easy-to-connect-to XML or CSV web-service, that you can connect to to export your donation, donor, and receipt data directly and automatedly into your CRM system, like Salesforce. Alternatively, you can download the data as CSV and import it into your CRM system manually.

Customer Support and Matching Gifts

Live Chat and Telephone Support IsraelGives provides you with full live-chat and telephone support, and ensures 99.9% system uptime.
"Save My Donation" Service Some donors try to make donations but do not succeed - Don't lose their donation! IsraelGives has a unique service called Save My Donation, where we present you with information about people who tried to make donations through the donation form but did not succeed. We also have a supplemental service where we'll actually contact the donors for you by email or telephone, and help to turn their failed attempt into a successful donation.
Matching Gifts Tens of thousands of employers in the US will matching the donation made by their employee. We'll install an iframe onto the last page of your donation process where employees are search whether their company has a matching gift program, and can download the necessary forms.


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