Save my Donation Service

Save my Donation Service

What happens when a donor tries to make a donation but doesn't succeed? For instance, he enters the wrong credit card information. Or if a recurring monthly donation's credit card expires? Or what happens when a donor starts enters his donation but gets distracted, and doesn't click "submit"? These are great opportunities to get donations - don't let them go to waste! IsraelGives is here to help you, with our Save my Donation Service!

For only 99 NIS per month, we will provide you access to a table through your Donation Management Account, which will contain all of the information for donors who tried to make a donation but didn't succeed, or starting filling out a donation form but stopped before submitting. You can then download the information and contact the donors directly, to encourage them to complete their donation.

For only 199 NIS per month, IsraelGives will do all of the work for you! Once a week, we'll send a (gentle but encouraging) email to all of your "almost" donors, encouraging them to try their donation again, and offering to help them complete the donation. If they do need help with their donation, we'll help them by phone, live chat, or email - anything we need to do to save your donation. You'll also have access to the "almost-donor" details, which you can add to your mailing lists.
Our statistics show that in the last 12 months, over 680,000 NIS in potential donations were lost by over 140 nonprofit organizations, an average of 5000 NIS per organization! The Save my Donation Service, however, has a 50% success rate in recovering these funds! But even for those donors who donations we could not recover, you still get their contact details to add to your mailing list. They may not have donated now, but work at it and you can turn them into a donor!


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