IsraelGives Social Fundraising Campaigns

IsraelGives Social Fundraising Campaigns

Create an online social fundraising campaign in 30 minutes or less and turn your supporters into viral fundraisers. It's a unique and revolutionary approach to online fundraising for your organization.

Come holiday and end-of-year, your organization launches an online fundraising campaign (at least, we really think you should be). You send it to all of your email list, your social media followers, and to your donors, and encourage them to donate. You also encourage them to spread the word about your campaign, and to post it on their Facebook pages and Twitter feeds, so your campaign can become "viral".

Sounds good so far, but what's the use of spreading your campaign to people who don't know you, or aren't connected to your cause? Will they donate to your organzation? Not likely.

So when do people donate to causes that they aren't really connected to, or have just learned about? When a friend or family member of theirs introduces a personal appeal to them: That's why peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns are so successful.

What we've done with the IsraelGives Social Fundraising Campaign system is to combine the best of both worlds: You can easily create online fundraising campaigns (in 30 minutes or less) that your supporters can join and personalize, adding their photo and personal message. They then share their personalized campaign with their friends and family, making a personal appeal for them to donate. It's a great way to turn your seasonal online fundraising campaign into a social and viral movement!

How does the IsraelGives Social Campaign turn my supporters into fundraisers?

Let's say that your organization is called "Childhood Cancer Research Coalition" and that one of your donors is called Richard. Here's how Childhood Cancer Research Coalition would promote its campaign, and turn Richard into both a donor and a social fundraiser.

1 First, you create your campaign using our easy-to-use wizard, controlling the text, the main banner image, the photos and video, and setting a fundraising goal. Because your supporters speak different languages, the wizard allows you to create multilingual campaigns in up to 3 languages (English, Hebrew, and French). Click here for an example of what a campaign can look like.

2 You send your campaign to Richard and all of your other donors through Facebook or email. Richard loves your campaign and makes a donation, in up to 17 different currencies (and all US and UK donations are 501c3 tax-deductible).

3 Richard like your campaign so much that he decides to join your campaign by clicking "Join Now". In just a few minutes, he uploads his photo and writes a sentence to his friends and family about why it's important to him to help promote your campaign, and asks for their help. He then gets a link to his special Social Fundraising campaign, which looks just likes your campaign but contains his photo and personal fundraising message. Click here to see how Richard's campaign might look like.

4 Richard sends the campaign by social media or mass email to his friends and family. David, Richard's cousin, receives the email and reads Richard's request for support. David makes a donation - maybe because he's a supporter of helping kids with cancer, or maybe because he's a supporter of Richard. Either way, Richard has helped bring the organization a new donor and donation. He's a social fundraiser.

5 Both Richard and Childhood Cancer Research Coalition get an instant e-mail informing them of the new donation, and it immediately appears on their Social Fundraising campaigns, and in their Campaign Management account.

How much does it cost to create an IsraelGives Social Fundraising Campaign?

You're going to like this one. Creating an IsraelGives Social Fundraising Campaign is free! Unlike other websites, there are no set-up fees, and no monthly fees. If a donation is made, we collect a transaction fee of approximately 5.9% (not including credit card/Paypal fees). You come away with 94% of each donation, and collect hundreds of new donors through the Social Campaigns that your supporters like Richard have created.

How does IsraelGives Social Fundraising compare to other systems for creating online fundraising campaigns?

Turn your donors into fundraisers: Only JRaise allows you to create an online fundraising campaign in just a few minutes, and enables your donors and supports to join the campaign by creating their own social "sub-campaigns".
You and your supporters are going to be promoting your campaigns through Facebook and email to people throughout the world. That means that you need a fundraising platform that allows people to donate in their home currency and have donations be 501c3 tax-deductible. We've got you covered: Through JRaise, donors can donate in 17 different currencies and all donations in US dollars and UK Pounds are 100% tax-deductible.
And because your supporters speak different languages, you and they can create fundraising campaigns in English, Hebrew, and French - 3 campaigns in one! You can promote your English campaign to your English speakers and Hebrew campaign to your Hebrew speakers, while every donation is reflected on both campaigns.
Donations can be made by credit card, PayPal, check, and bank transfer. If you're using our Donation Forms, your donor will receive an instant e-mail signed by your organization and including your logo, and an Invoice4u e-receipt if they donated in Israeli Shekels. That means that you won't need to worry about receipting donors after your campaign is done - everything is done automatically and instantly by our system!
Both you and your supporters get a free multilingual online account to manage your donations and send emails to your donors.
Promote your campaign through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Send an email to your entire mailing list with the click of a button. Import your email contacts directly from Outlook or Gmail, thanks to our CloudSponge system. And then track and see which of the people you emailed made donations (so that you can target only people who've yet to make donations).
IsraelGives Success Team! Our marketing and fundraising experts will help you to promote your campaign to your supporters by helping to design your campaign, prepare your marketing materials, and send out the mailing to up to 50,000 email addresses. And payment for this optional service is based completely on success - you pay nothing up front, instead paying a percentage of each donation made (20%).


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